Secular meta, applied intelligence in psyche economy surplus utilizing physical venues as inner private, personal unconsciousness or intuitively, subconsciousness reveals social activity for complete ideas and idea analysis utilizing a your- own common unconscious reserve or repository created by physical venue and involving you and others in your inner, social chit-chat (non-ESP, inner dialogue) leading towards the achievement of complete ideas and idea analysis. Writing down the ideas passing by in your own inner discussions is critical for constructive action development.

Based on Trust, based on faith (or a leap of faith), based on Truth.

The truth is applied meta, secular intelligence is looked down on, as though it doesn’t even exist.

In an open society meta-secular is a breath of fresh air.

Halted when it creshendos by saying, “Vienna Circle” and “private, personal unconscious” and “common unconscious.”

It is met with incredulity and the correct applied meta, intelligent, secular response in psyche economy surplus counters those in the souls of history who act out the opposite which is the Province of Stupidity (Bonhoeffer fame).

Doing the opposite of the correct is either fear of success or knack for maintaining stupidity and an irreverence for order.

Such that they develop psyche economy deficit and join the present day “No-Nothings” trying to destroy our democratic republic and it’s consequential private sector.

Psyche economy surplus for meta, secular applied intelligence for constructive function or action.  This and well-rounded, life-long learning (be it sports, trekking, flowers, art, or history of ideas, and so on), assure the continuation of an open society.

As for closed societies, a city flourishing can have civil leaders with the Medici effect (Florence in the Renaissance Period in Italy with the likes of Michaelangelo and da Vinci), and can have a learning atmosphere permeating the horizon for life-long learners and students.

Purposeful enquiring or “a Quest,” is achieved by making a statement of the Quest and marking it with a Quest-ion Mark.

Counter-productive negative or overly positive inquiry is the “inner critic” dialogue which needs to be met with healthy self-esteem and healthy self-worth stated repeatedly to your self or your “own.”

Comes back to you in inner life over time.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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