“Strongmen,” destroyers of green revolution now and murder residents by not handling SARS correctly.

“A dictator in general is a man who comes from below and throws himself in an even deeper hole . . . the world watches him . . . and jumps into the void after him . . . ‘ said Charlie Chaplin in 1939’. . . [ and even applies today].”

“[Continuing in Strongmen:]

“It’s also reflects on a truth that the autocrat goes to lengths to conceal: he is no one without his followers. They are not merely the faces that cheer him at rallies, corrupt conspirators, and the persecutors of his enemies, but the force that annoits him as the chosen one and maintains him in power.”


Hybrid [human/tech, human/humanoid/host-to-bio ecosystem] human “evolving” to bio/tech humanoid.

Cares not for lives of humans (says, “let the humans die.”)

Values increase to humanoid/bio/tech hybridization in U.S. normal dollars (2023) to eventually–falsely, overtake human lives in U.S. dollars (“bottomline.”)

The “gold (craftsmen preference)” standard for general lives of humans is “$1,000” dollars, marked.

The “gold” standard for AI mobile is “$100,” marked.

Always AI tool is less than Human Command lives. Always substantial jobs, entailing considerable human cognitive function are valued in U.S. normal dollars (2023) at “$1,000” of gold to “AI smart ‘vacuum cleaners'” or “dirt bags.” at “$100” of gold, matked.

Abraham Boulder.

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