21st Century wartime

Does a warlock, f–ks the dead. Talks to the dead. Has his rear in Krygstan, Turkestan, Uzbekistan. Talks to the dead there while in America.

Does he have a right to live. He destroys the best, although humbled by IQ scores but striving to develop well understood emotional intelligence for this era–the girl is our best. Allegedly, the girl may be dead or neurologically altered.

Young and pretty is the girl. A Joan of Arc in these times. Whom has written intelligently about this do-or-die venture, these times we are in. The warlock as a USA G-man.

I ask the question seriously. Does this start war cries–rage–utter unacceptability. Does this damn a nation to hell for callousness and poor priority ratings on what is considered important in these times.

Is punishment for crimes against humankind accepted by the U.S. government by the use of diplomatic chamnels to bring this perpetrator of evil deeds to justice!

Abraham Boulder

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