Three “blind alleys” morphing: humanoid hybrid (bio +/or tech), human totaled (by government totalitarianism); and human essentials: . . . morphing and retention of the human. The road to homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens, or not

Tri hybrid humanoid:

Host to viral universe soil and bio host to serpents and rats in earth soil. All fecundity in decomposing organic matter.

Tech hybrid with high-end lobotomies (brain imprisoned in body) when brain no longer functions or identity carved out. Body functions and tech central processes.

Meta at human living, not alive. Living via fenalyn crushed caplets and adrenalin. Posit possible humanoid living not human– reared by Meta identity. Death certificate signing.

“‘Totaled human’ in SUV crash:”

Posit behavioral science of living via crushed, personal consciousness by totalitarian government.

Human essential qualities:

Spark trade, inventiveness, innovation, and neural hermeneutics for wherewithal to sustain motivation through 9/10 rule of business failure and the 1/10 success rate. Human neuropsychology (behavioral science) stregnth. Human miind stregnths via social cohesiveness and affective intelligence. Human emotion is brain work felt at the heart and acknowledged at brain’s core.

Abraham Boulder

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