Judaic Christian burial: when?

Carfentanil and adrenalin allow the living dead. Living, by movement. (Merriam-Webster definition of living.) But so far gone that they may be ruled by pusher and pimp and “drivers” via Meta rearing.

Medical mess of living dead. Medically, raising the dead. May not involve, in critical command statements, vocal cords and ear drums. Require command orders to be voice identified electronically by Intel aps created for intel and military commands’ phones.

At any time, critical command statements not verified by voice identification (supplied Intel aps) can be driven/reared in meta (not physical) by senile peers or enemy world leadership.

World consciousness, not the West, is familiar at times with meta subconscious communication. This, however, used by the “living dead” who may be meta reared/driven (not physical) but subconsciously driven to “speak” via senile peers or enemy world leadership. Only meta identity for “living dead.” Meta subconsciousness in living world consciousness is a manic world, complete consciousness with no actual subconscious occuring.

I postulate that PCB is Meta driven/reared by world businessmen and the dead of Krygstan, Turkestan, Uzbekistan. Identifying as a world leader and two gods of Zorastrian origin. He changes the ancient religion for the evil god to win. In Zorastrianism, good prevails. He is a leader of a pejorative homosexual death cult. Most of the cult is in some level of dementia in the United States.

Abraham Boulder

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