Consciousness dynamic void

Corporate consciousness in-house CEO organic body organization, tyranny.

Leaves a void in consciousness dynamic during in-house locality. Normal or otherwise . . . two faced, three, or four . . . identity dissociation allows (1) CEO consciousness; and (2) doers given delegated power to manipulate locally in doer-identity consciousness to complete their business-related activity of scheduled goals of CEO, executives and management business communications and actions.

It is this dynamic of identity dissociation serving the organic body and head of the organizational chart that profits in the current scientific discussions of consciousness equal in total to the business communications from executives and top leader(s), and the separate identity of business doers compliant with overall corporate structure.

For, if this be scientifically actual or valid, we have order in disorder from identity dissociation dynamic.

And competition with the rear discussion of profit-making, but mismanaged monies for those profits. It is battle seasoned business to win against profit numbers of misdirected monies that are rearing misdirected communication.

The manager’s numbers may be correct. Business statistics of monies and profit correct. But the gears on this Rolex have been turned to serve other businesses not in line with executive management’s corporate business.

Business not aligned with business intent is the black market.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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