Try this idea!

Try this idea!

Fundamental idea quanta of Cosmology and Thermodynamics

Idea quantum #1:enthalpic energy to evolve
Idea quantum #2:entropic energy to decay, rot
Idea quantum#3: cycle from entropy to enthalpy, and continue recycling
Idea quantum#4:continual universal expansion

What I’m NOT saying is that the Higher Power dictates the above, instead, enthalpic energy moves with idea quanta in such a way as to enhance, encourage evolution. The idea quanta above is the acceptable results.

Idea quantum enthalpic energy involves energy twists and turns conducive to finding evolutionary solutions that usually fail. The one that succeeds carries that idea forward for further idea quantum enthalpy to move physics particles, atoms, chemicals, organs, and human idea quanta using human languages, or creative solutions (“divergent” thinking) for the contemporaneous final solution (idea quantum), which can be a major solution that then becomes, the Natural selection.

–Keven. Abraham Boulder.

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