Russian Ballet.

Russian Ballet.

Imagine a world, or a horrible universe, where children are left to die, after being stuck by a needle from a heoin-over dosed corpse.

And the plead for life, . . . And you’ve been sufficiently trained by the State, that you are disoriented as to your whereabouts, because none is heard from well-built walls where you reside.

All that exists, instead, is the story, oft’ repeated by what one believes to be, socialists majoring in English in
State-funded schools.

What a disgusting and vile Russian Ballet, that through education and stories, socialists, and state-mongers have created an environment of true-to-life horror stories that keep me spell bound.

And religious bodies have instructed my fiancé away from curious pursuit of incidents and accidents, both, mortifying; but if checked on, may leave her among the living who kill the now dead, and assure her that she will Not get the housing she so Needs–either administrative death, or death-at-the-door of sight-seen horrors–thus, no longer alive, my woman be!

What in the world is this, but the Russian Ballet, coupled with futures betting of regimes, both socialists on the left, and socialists on the right, and of royalty!

When have we been gripped at such lowesome eloquence not to shout in horror! in terror!, “Crimes against humanity!!”

At least, these are stories of children and young adults with the hearts and heads to complement socialists, and state-mongers who depict the Russian Ballet by live social-science manipulation. Manipulation which includes the death of babies!

At any rate, shouldn’t an investigation, not a cover-up, be recommended now by a government of state, both Washington State, and /or the United States government; or if their integrity in field investigation is lacking, by a major newspaper–or are they all owned by governments???!

Can anything worthy be done of shutting down this assembly of Human parts oft’ for profit hospitals, or religious non-profit hospitals.

Can we end the carnage??!

All that is thought of by these government agencies and Higher-ups is their electric staplers, and twenty-five rubber erasers in the first draw of their desks. Their hard wood desks–some, perhaps, mahogony?!

Is there no way to end this Russian Ballet panache??!

And now I decry the toll of the Liberty Bell, in imperfection to the much- maligned, at-times veteran whose housing this was to be, the veteran seeking further, more permanent, station via disability, GED, college certificate or degree. And to the veteran who lost his home, for whatever reason, and needing a place for household because the owners were selling, what, the veteran leased.

A call to the social contract that puts the Founders on equal footing with the average constituent, and Peoples on equal footing with average constituents of the populous, in order for the government to be graced with legitimacy by the U.S. Constitution, and Natural Law to prevail in human nature.

That democracy and liberal economics be recognized as the anthropological culture that evolved all mankind to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens, and the Republic serves as cauldron for the human species to gain evolving status when the citizen absorbs the fundamental political science harbored in the constituents of a “living body” of constitutions that express a physical being and legal entity of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens constituents that strive to evolve it’s institutions, foremost, for purpose of survival of the human species according to the Natural Law, “that the greater diversity of Human species in the process of evolving, bests the survival of homo sapiens on planet Earth, now, through 15 icebergs of planetary cataclysms to land and seas of Earth populated by homo sapiens-to-the-17th!

That all science law and religious faith rests on the Natural Law of Human nature stating, Survival foremost in the written U.S. Constitution, and our moral and scientific bio-genetic law, that “diversity of various races is the greatest chance for survival of our evolving species, and evolving institutions!”

Defy StarDeath Masada degeneracy; it is mixed in with Russian Ballet schizophrenic sarcasm.  Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha!   [Yeeeaash!!!]

–Abraham Boulder. —-Keven.

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