Bolelli, “‘Make’ . . . Your Own Religion;” and code your Mainframe.

Bolelli, “‘Make’ . . . Your Own Religion;” and code your Mainframe.
P. 47: “Unlike the God of Western religions, the Tao is not a personified being. Powerful spirits and gods are born out of it.”

“Rather, it is a natural force that is entirely beyond good and evil [keeping them and their value to own person, and collective of group psychology], and, much like nature itself, it is indifferent to the desires of human beings [they are valid feelings, and they provide color, but I don’t think everyone has gotten to brainstem quick-action of 2 million years yet, and rather than see me [AB] as a “rational son to the Universe,” let us see if this “Force” is more evil than good, ergo, very good own person “presence”, or greatness “of the dudes” compensates for this Tao for wins, not just losses!

Argument: p.47, “When we take into account . . . [ergo: the “given:”], the incredible amount of suffering that characterizes life on the planet [it’s enormity, collosal, on such a scale as to make one think that] the idea of an unsentimental, morally neutral power seems much easier to swallow than that of a loving, caring God.” [perhaps, less, “repugnant?! too!]

Well, that was frank. Perhaps, the love of God is Aphrodite anima or animus (the female side, to consider). There is also, Ulysses’, and Armargennon’s, and Achilles’ admiration, at their sometimes flawed feats (deadly for poor Achilles, I’m afraid), and sword bearing handiwork, leading to the Fall of Troy. [Was Ft. Knox invented then?]

There is this, “flight that’s true,” in correct formation and conclusion. It is more than logic, it is an assessment, a weighing of one consideration with variants, increasing, decreasing, or at null. Cruising, or holding position on while measuring probability of survival. Now, challenging; . . . later–too late. Unless, . . . all stand-by, and desist hostilities, so that Fission, Fusion, and Salt-molten nuclear reactors are used for energy (becoming enthalpic idea quanta), vs. energy of nuclear weaponries’ Destruction (entropic idea quanta).

At this juncture, words to be followed by deeds leading to Destiny, or Fate.

We now, at this juncture, need to ask, is this mainframe computer, one in Moscow University, another, perhaps in Central Europe, while we become self-evident, including insight, foresight, and hindsight to know our environs, is used on the East Coast.

The mainframe in Seattle, is a given–to be coded with the Tao. Has Rasputin had liasion relations with Hindi, a Seik, for an Evil god, pumped from their buttocks. Is the precursor to this deity, the Tao coded in Moscow, Eastern Europe or Central Europe, East Coast of the United States?

Is this, then, slated for Fate generated from Tao teachings followed by Rasputin, and PCB, Wigwam (two names that follow Rasputin, historically)? These figures irradiated in Moscovites’ reverence for the radioactive, stone-cipher.

Pumped from the rear, to create an Evil god, following from Tao ComputerWorks. Does Moscow work the impartial, amoral Tao with pumped up fury of the Forbidden deity of “Jung on Evil” in the brother to a intuitive personality (discussed in “Personality Types,” Princeton Press) that speaks of a Creator, Most Sane, among the faithful adherents of His, declaration, “I am that I am,” and what is He then, but “I am sane?!!!”

Does the Evil god lay with the black dragon in Asia, in Seattle, in San Francisco, in Los Angeles, and in Vancouver, B.C.? Does the British Commonwealth lean to this Tao while having love for Jesus?

Is our Savior, as Gassendi’s proclaims, One that is Reason in spirit, of affect intelligence, that loves and says, “I want to live!”

Abraham Boulder

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