Bolelli, “‘Make’ . . . Your Own Religion”

Bolelli, “‘Make’ . . . Your Own Religion”
P. 47: “Unlike the God of Western religions, the Tao is not a personified being. Powerful spirits and gods are born out of it.”

“Rather, it is a natural force that is entirely beyond good and evil [keeping them and their value to own person, and collective of group psychology], and, much like nature itself, it is indifferent to the desires of human beings [they are valid feelings, and they provide color, but I don’t think everyone gotten to brainstem quick-action of 2 million years yet, and rather than see me [AB] as a “rational son to the Universe,” let us see if this “Force” is more evil than good, ergo, very good own person “presence”, or greatness “of the dudes” compensates for this Tao for wins, not just losses!

Argument: p.47, “When we take into account . . . [ergo: the “given:”], the incredible amount of suffering that characterizes life on the planet [it’s enormity, collosal, on such a scale as to make one think that] the idea of an unsentimental, morally neutral power seems much easier to swallow that that of a loving, caring God.” [perhaps, less, “repugnant?! too!]

Absorption of the misery of multitudes, their intense affect making a marked impression, but for the passion of a “unsentimental” [aka “nondeterred”] morally neutral power that gives the distinct impression that worshiping misery, worshiping it so much, that you become, the God of generating or drawing on, Misery.

Once that is accomplished, the sense of power, and domination takes hold–for evil–requiring remediation, or Ms. Clinton said, “to catch it before it happens”–extrapolating to relieving a power grip of a god or goddess of generated or drawn Misery; takes focus, resolve, and foresight with insight, to see what’s ahead or around you (divergent solutions with a focus on correct answers, even if there are several solutions).

Focus to steer clear of deliberate, or calculated obstacles to correct leadership that the Tao implies, but does not go far enough–something Sociobioethics can accomplish when used correctly to still the stirred waters of adversity, of good vs. bad; or, bad vs. good; and to exact executive function with a singularity with the Tao, but keeping conscience, an ally, with the use of Sociobioethics to further the executive projection, as truly a strikeforce singularly focused, on preemptive interference, before and during the remedial phase of Recovery, focusing on the “how” of work accomplishing, not just “the what” of your Section’s Mission.

This can be seen in the event of an earthquake or its repetition one to one-and-a-half weeks later. Leadership can address problems as they formulate by game theory including a pregame show that highlights future operations before the word, “Go!” is ordered. And every phase, thereafter.

The point here is, with or without Western God’s presence or belief-in; . . . conscience can be tested by considering matters through a Sociobioethics algorithm, such that each step can be checked by a Checker of Supervisors, not just workers. Checkers that, keep “an eye on everyone” the way the female one-eyed Checker of Monster, Inc. did, so that all Sections’ succeed in their Mission–not just safety matters.

Overseer–many, tabulating checklists that confirm that the Purpose-of-Action on the check-list is followed at the start of a Section’s implementation, and thereafter.

It gives peace of mind, to know, that Federal government can do a better job than was done in New Orleans, in Seattle, or the Pacific Northwest. And some constituents and visitors take a Concerned Citizen approach to seeing Stewardship improves!

Abraham Boulder

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