Take a whiff of this?!!

Take a whiff of this?!!
What you get, is dysfunction if your Me solely, and a reeducation forced communist or fascist dogma that makes learning your math and Writings a picnic , in comparison. (With turkey, and corn relish.). A hell that God does not allow, except to learn forced, coercive “evolving,” extremely mild and nauseating in Pfeffer assertions, is tortuous acute pain intelligence extremist reeducation, on one; and Natural Order of nature, and Natural Law surrounding the equilibrium generated by the invisible hand. The latter can continue, we can recalibrate the Natural Law to Nature’s Order and Disorder consistencies. We don’t have to replace it with, tortuous, acute physical pain on your head of intelligent rhetoric of destroyed entities (you), and eternal acute physical pain by mad communist Shakespeare’s Pluck! of your living remains.

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