Let’s get down to business!!

Let’s get down to business!!
Place of employment leads to passive protest of the social invisible hand, when shutting down worker incentive to use their noggin’ for the profit of the enterprise, and for the common good wealth of a rekindled Enlightenment that figures out the practicality of product lines of material output, and hands-on capability for evolving species adaptability by these techno tools; enabling groups of individuals with social sciences application knowledge to make pragmatic life and death decisions by survivor clubs readying a redevelopment of civilization; when world leadership is purposely lost in a Hobbesian ending 7 billion of the population’s lives for Hollywood and Bollywood cataclysms of irresponsible drug toting state officials who reconfigure their neurostructures for aggression and uncompromising leadership done simply by damaging their brains and gaining aggressive emotions with drugs causing oversized hearts that increase limbic system sizes.

It is the tyranny of corporate America workplaces, that has permitted a greater tyranny of state, that given social invisible hand a push to enemies of our state by employees and businessmen and women, not seeing fair economic practice by corporations.

I, Abraham Boulder, see a clear need to redefine the corporate legal entity to provide sizable gross profit, but to no longer include the legal necessity of this form of business to work for, ever increasing, profits.

The financial markets will value corporate bonds in a wider horizon of 500 years of enthalpic, bio-engineered and bio-diversified industry.

Corporations will also be required to reinvest in the business after gainful personal profit, that includes the investment in competing corporate market share of green technology applications taskmastering under top university directives to close a shorter ecosystem flow while diversifying to enrich species interaction under Earthhours, with deadlines focused on Earth 1st, Me 2nd.

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