Mining Crissis, becomes Neuropsychological Ethics Case

Mining Crisis, becomes Neuropsychological Ethics Case.

Neuroosychology brain damage.
Brain damage statements of State by state workers and state officials.
Appear aggressive, firm, and unequivicoble, thus a “real go-getter, no-nonesense aporoach,” when in fact they are chemical “freaks” that neuropsychologically damaged their brains; and are in delusion, fiction to enforce unreality on the citizenry and the science community as the S.S. government (WA state) to the Lufthansa and public; working for the U.S government.

Methodology of “disorienting the citizenry” of WA state by assuming Supreme Ruler of Universe status (although purposely brain damaged or retarded) to block productivity in and off the job. Socialist Fascist and Socialist Communist Anarchists: the People, supported by Mental Health Centers, that may be government funded, in the process of damaging, brain (neuro) psychology for anarchic goals of state workers and state officials, both WA state and U.S. government.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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