I place this in “work” category

I place this in “work” category
It is Totalitarianism, communism, Soviet, socialist fascism, and socialist communism (socialists) are the icebergs in our way! Deft piloting, assuringly!!

Think family and personal time that are quality on your own time, free of tyranny, and government interference. Consider redefining business to end forced increases in the bottom line to harvest gross profits steadily over a wide horizon, instead of continuing to expire our resources without regeneration, without keeping the Evret stock, and animal, plant, fowl, and fish kingdoms.

Think Marshall Plan II that ushers in global country economies, fission fusion salt-molten nuclear reactors, hydrogen refueling stations with corresponding supply logistics enforced in law and military protection. Think egregious profts of private enterprises, legally mandated to provide: competitive businesses in applied entrepreneurial economic markets set to taskmaster our Earthly scientific needs to widen the horizon of New Science for 500 years, and provide a 100 million trillion dollars in revenue in private net profit, and taxes to ensure the longevity of our illustrious governments.
Abraham Boulder.  —-Keven.

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