NorthWind blows stale air, and a gale storm!!

NorthWind blows stale air, and a gale storm!!
Siding on side of triumphant Losers whom have gained access to money that has been thrown carelessly via Keynesian means (what I do say is, “spend Keynesian money on ” passive solar housing” investment instead of throwing money at an idlle crowd with advanced, idle thinking via “Devils” by Fyodor Doestoeyevsky).

Their thinking is a Totalitarian design that actually crushed the heads of mankind, leaving us with a nonexistence status beyond existential annihilation freedom to be captured, enslaved, and selectively and collectively be tortured on a continual basis to make clear that ‘God,” when referencing Totalitarianism, is really very, very acute painful, that crushes spirit, intellect, cognitive faculties including affective intelligence of intuitive affect variety, and affective intuitive analysis so engineered in this writing (here), that all hope is extinguished, and despair, despondency, and annihilation of self-esteem and selfhood in the huge general population, “the masses,” is social scientifically instituted by the Soviet.

Do protest this misadministration of your own personal resources by taking a half day off in the middle of the day to effect without affect the trillion-dollar loss to a 1% who have taken leave of their senses, and hired “NorthWind” rolled up sleeved-shirts and shoes whom end all thinking capacity and leave with self-less cinematic domination by the Soviet, by the State, and by the State in private enterprise.

Select your hires more wisely, defeat your hires crushing democracy, liberal economics, and free enterprise!! Do it!!

Abraham Boulder.
–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

P.S. They find defeat of the senses in Seattle.

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