General productivity at times, reduced to zero.

General productivity at times, reduced to zero.
As WA State and the Kremlin, UW terrorist lab in campus and King County Crime Lab work with foreign organism that I believe do not belong in America, causing an infestation above my ceing drilling at least two holes in the above floor, entertaining Obama with or about to begin in State legal heresay and State to state foci locational observation similar to physicists, Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung discussions–as I was saying, State to state and Kremlin studies of Totalitarianism social science of hands free affect-hate parcels with mega accurate electronic mainframe computers foci with infinitesimal target body foci causing excruciating hands free pain to targets body and Soviet psychiatric nonface to face intelligence destroying psyche-mind-neurostructure to maintain Totalitarian Universal Truth that is: very, very, extremely acute ongoing pain is elicited from “Master” State hands-free to target “organism properties” rededication of (1) who he is, (2) what the State is really to him, (3) and behavioral science absolutism to State officials (him/her).

Now target property can also be handled by heat laser canons that can be started that begin to coagulate blood (thicken it) as it gets “reved” up. Magnetic canons that effect neurostructure parts positioning, and electronic locaters with zoom effect from miles away to target that have definite psychological effect.

Abraham Boulder —-Keven.

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