If you’ve taken a wrong path, do you continue with it, or do you double back and take another route? Let’s have this discussion again. This time revised to clearer and more direct.

What, if you knew that if you continued you would reach the top of a very high cliff, and a bear would approach you at the cliff, closer, and closer? Would you, having just imagined this, run back and take an alternative route.

Let’s try this out, what if you had a tour guide on a route that described in detail things that had no resemblance to what was out there, but on another route another tour guide described functioning facility operations that paid people for work by private enterprise, and paid for government services that existed because of funding from the taxes on workers and business owners alike, and kept corporate taxes very, very competitive with other industrial nations? Ideally, much like Denmark–“the happiest place in the world”-The Economist magazine.

What if you have a choice between casino city, a socialist party communist, and actual reformer of our economy, liberal economics (even if the reform ideas originate from a socialist whose communist economy fails in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, and Cuba, But Not the United States because the Capitalist Reformer takes on modifying liberal economics and goes full swing into a Marshall II Plan with Fort Knox gold investing in 200 industrial nations and some trader nations with global economic infrastructure to promote liberal economies and democracy while trading partners include State expenditures on Fiscal Policy of State-run economies parasitic on the American economy which, has a social science involving liberal economics, and also, evolves with, hopefully, Natural laws that keep the Natural phenomenon of the “invisible hand” occurring dynamically in equilibriums (less static, and not fixed pricing, that would negatively effect the working equilibrium’s Natural balance of supply and demand, of widgits).

What if Clinton would win with these essential ingredients? What if she teamed up with someone just as strong? Be strong on America, and let’s keep America working; with government providing services that are paid for, with limited budget deficits and taxes that make up any hole we’re digging our ourselves into even with all those smiles on those faces.

Ever since the WalMart economic model, we’ve had to gain in consumer purchasing power through government services to the population of “power of the governed” from “limited power of government” under constitutional law.

The private sector gave up on such services to it’s employees that keep the health of those employed, continuing to feed health into an ailing democracy, and maximum productivity in the widest horizon yielding maximum net profit.

Abraham Boulder —-Keven.

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