Subliminal: they say we spend a lot of time here–subconsciously, and I provide excellent examples of placement of their culture!

Subliminal: they say we spend a lot of time here–subconsciously, and I provide excellent examples of placement of in culture!

Answer. Tell their Prime Minister in not so nice language, to keep the Soviet cultural straightjacket out of Sovereign USA! And cultural exchanges need counter liberal ideas, and liberal institutions, and liberal laws invoked, so the liberal nature of the group are evoked to maintain our religious heritage of the Creator, God of Sanity, thus love.

The integrity, thus boundaries of sole presence of constituents in tact, cognitive faculties if genetic inheritance not eradicated by government or foreign government interference–for the purpose, among many to allow start-up innovation and originality in a Reformed system of liberal economics.

The collective, defined from Puritan ethics, of able-to-work-for-success within an existing business, of whom you answer to your boss, but volley with peers for cooperation. Legal definition of business requires “egregious” profit-making to answer and pay accounting expenses of competing subcontractors taskmastering assigned work by universities counciling for for Earth 1st, Me 2nd.

Literally, a worm that is a cobra, pluralis. Does he die, now?

Couple that with Moscovite perjorative propaganda information married to India’s department of information, transferring images on the East Coast into deity figurines with a nasty disposition to alter Totalitarian Hegelian State spirit, and Washingtonian State Supreme Ruler of the Universe spirit into applied communist Moscovites Information Subliminal Disbursal with Deity Figurines Destructive impetus entering your subliminal consciousness to annoy and distract you to compete to distract your attention–disable you from your liberally, lawful routine!!

Critically, does it occur only sparingly?, to find you misplaced or unharmed. Or, does the State frequent being salient while, you, are on a ladder? Or while driving the kids to a soccer match???!

Next, applied communist co-joined. Follow it with Soviet Doctrine of instructed institutionalized (“higher learning”) dogma, absorbed by graduates of State Universities; then plasticize an individual’s consciousness into existential life directed by the Government schooled in cultural artifacts and belaboring clerical staff with images of ancient relics while deliberating with citizenry “enrichment from Deities disturbing the composure and flow of work. Extend that to the our population, and India has won the United States! With Moscow, and affiliates.

Instead of cooperation between cultures and civilizations, in spirit, Deism with Science, involves the Creator God, the God of Sanity, apparent in the universal ceiling of Sanity phenomenon on subconscious or part-world conscious level.

And incorporeal Earth and universal experiential consciousness of affect intelligence phenomenon, reasoned by Gassendi’s “spirit” also in the domain if universal and Earth energy and matter motion.

Serving a singularity of Spirit and Science, that complements Deism–not denying privately personal beliefs, religion, or personal Deity(ies) of liberal-individual experience and collective- spirit unencumbered by government over-reaching their limited Powers by State-Church Radical Atheism focusing on worshiping and practicing a sorcery of Nothingness and Death.


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