Everyone wants to benefit from China!

Everyone wants to benefit from China!
While trade goes on with China and Ms. Clinton offers $15 minimum wage to our workers.

Let us take a moment out, and give attention to China’s people or workers.

First of all, heuristically, they need a day or two off, every so often to maintain very, very high productivity.

But more importantly, heuristically, Fiscal Policy dictates an adjustment in the communist economy (greater efficiencies are needed) and genocide is dictated as a solution, although the World Court judges would, if confirmed, clarify that it’s crimes against humanity.

Heuristically, millions were killed, possibly 10 million, possibly 30 million determined from the use of killing technologies.

The egregious affair is so tragic, we believe this is actually going on.

After confirmation, if it is verified the enormity of the tragedy, a human disaster, needs mentioning, to business associates that the opinion that Fiscal Policy should be better adjusted by social scientific methods.

Show to your associate in a short discussion that everyone in the world needs to be given an oppotunity to live, a natural life span, on Earth.

“–Keven” Boulder, existing and living on planet Earth, 2016.

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