Mr. B, do you copy?! Physics problem involving creative, nourishing energies (enthalpy?) to work on 5-year timetable and achieve paced goals under management learnt from Toyota.

Mr. B, do you copy?! Physics problem involving creative, nourishing energies (enthalpy?) to work on 5-year timetable and achieve paced goals under management learnt from Toyota.

B. works against value profit industry in a multiple, drug use, for articulation in world industrial “conscious,” including recreational use. He’s using sorcery, and parlor tricks to affect (read, effect) the global economy with nonvalue, dysfunctional global industry.

He needs to clean himself up, and stop thinking “England” is only the take, but performs well and healthy by liberal economics taught at such schools as London School of Economics. Too bad their applied Behavioral Economics is subpar, and England does float above the opium clouds and loses the meaning of work, in physics, and in grand strategy. (5-year global economic crux infrastructural investment and investment in liberal economics itself tied to G200, encouraging better stewardship here and abroad, supporting democratic efforts and using educated world laymens’ acknowledgement whose knowledge resources and key element information can be critical to intergovernmental activities pacing forward in this crux 5 -year period). Many political economic Acts with teeth can make their way to continuing forward movement in passages in the legislatures and signing by the chief executive officers). “Work, they do!”

Policy decisions, may bring excellence, but confidence is a key part of the global economy and this school’s haughtiness leaves irrational impetuses counterproductive to profits (instead of irrational signals as minor quirks favoring human respect in interactions between the business class and workers and the push for acceptance of “hands-on” project diversity of workers) disfavoring and destroying material investment that uses a suggestive policy requiring drug use for workers by the elite financiers who encourage this cannabis use that has way too much THC for workers causing too much material wasted from acceptable standard deviations of industrial psychology production (damaged or disordered brains unable to perform at acceptable high-level standards).

Perfection-demands waste lots of material, that would usually be corrected, instead. Intentionally wasted, to Support non-sustaining economic efforts, continue. On my value index it is -0.9=y destruction, for the reason that the global leadership have to build “now-teams” that like Marxist “activism” do, just do, and do some more–as long as the work adds up to +1.= x. holding this value for say, five years, while increasing positive Value from “the destruction” -0.9=y, to say -0.4=y, bolstering annual efforts at gaining control of the planet’s dynamics can reduce stressful productivity levels of constructive measure possibly to +0.8=x that may be held comfortably for, say, 200 years–in a sense, the next bi-centenial of the democratic republic of the United States!

Abraham Boulder.

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