India, story of heuristics! The U.S., and abroad.

India, story of heuristics! The U.S., and abroad.

Death squads to Krishna worshippers: those of sane worship of health and growth of normal living forms of the Earth in the Universe, instead of forms of pathology and death.

Submit: Jew is now of socialist to a Supreme Ruler of the Universe; namely, the State; the “jew” worshiping Death Spirit, both civilly and militarily. Becoming 2 billion “jews,” U.S. and abroad. Submitting to death terror. The nameless , blameless, “State.”

Royalty destroying, thumbing its nose down @ “To be,” of U.S. Constitutional fame; and state constitutions, including the greatness of a good God supporting common wealth of constituents, whom (them constituents) decided they are now, “I’m not!” Leading to the advent use of death squads of royalty and socialists with the communist spirit and fascist cooperation of anti-matter against organic matter and Human existence organically, legally, and consciously, tortured singularly and collectively to end freedom from, harm, pain, torture with concrete-incorporeally weighted oppression, freedom-of-information suppression in the U.S. and abroad of an Global Syndicate Royal State.

Communist spirit is intellectual anti-matter, against organic matter existence

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