Trending: end-of-life, and pro-life!!

Trending: end-of-life, and pro-life!!

End-of-life negative trending: exponentiate investing and profiteering via quantum computing or super computers developing in China and Japan used in financial markets??!

Human investors out of jobs?? Did they stake their claim in futures funds for “the Destruction” in support and profit from”the gambling House,” of Global Syndicate Royal Fascist Communist Socialist fame. Glory and Fame of Hegelian State spirit. Glory of death Spirit investing and profiting from human mechanized disassembly for the selling of Human body parts and death of the human species and all other species on planet “earth.”

Pro-life Positive trending: pro-living organisms medical science and inorganic organism technologies, arts services:

Sorcery of academic occult turning from medical anti-life war against germs and other organisms to extend human life; into organic, human-living compost for 100 trillion floral microbiomes, and parasites to prevent “-itis” organic disorders and brain “mental” disorders, ongoing??!

What will it be MACK?!

Will MIT robotic insects work to be medical technologies to extend life, in the tradition of ongoing trending of organic human-life composting; or will it be State- insect technologies to control and torture=enslave the human race!!?

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