Don’t read this, if you’re not interested. Some trends.

Don’t read this, if you’re not interested. Some trends.
The evolving Anarchy Buggers: Multiple madness in killer causes killing spree from a variety of bugs infestation within the bodies of perpetrators.

The sickle didn’t work, no more food we have to give you, so use the hammer to do you, and your kid in.

Look, I wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t happening near by me. The Law calls this heresay. I call it, “is this really possible??!”. I’ve got college under my belt, And I learned in school even if they weren’t the best grades, they were okay grades; so, “Yes, it’s possible.”

Communism, really Totalitarianism and Royal Global Syndicate serve as gambling House for Gentlemen’s bets on hedge funds futures, that favor the House in an end-game loser’s win. This means House wins on huge volume bets with small odds from the loss result. The large volume bets with the big odds lose in what-amounts-to a Ponzi scheme where the House and handful of others win, then the Hedge Funds claim bankruptcy, and the volume of bettors lose out.

The current events seem to favor the House, which means a handful of people win, which means most people bet against the House, which means Only a Few People Seek Financially, Armageddon. Only a handful of people are directing us in that direction!! Where is the true power in mortal men and women!  The Gahndi’s, the Washingtons, the Churchill’s, Harry Wu’s!!  The Father’s of young children!

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