Think they are all that funny??!

Think they are all that funny??!
Machiavelli has gone villainous in a manner of some deal that previously had you compromised yourself on something, which while being wrong, was relative in the number of times it occurred or volume, and is not the origin of our difficulties in asserting ourselves beyond this crux moment of 200,000 years. It would have been normal ethics discussion in the field of actual play at work.

What instead is our problem is argued by antagonists using Machiavelli, and using “decent” protagonist language and Sentiments, clearly and plainly, while esposing diabolical villainy.

Beside, general boos for wrong behavior, the chronic villainy is so acute that villainy takes an almost cinematic appeal of how dastardly imbecilic leadership, careless and acute harm to health is the black bile humor, typical to upset constitutions of body, form, and sane forethought felt as to leave us aggravated with inflammation and having our first or second heart attack, tragically in the Age of “End Day” spectacular Hollywood epic blockbusters, lacking constructive reasoning and causing so much catastrophe, making tying shoestrings, an impossibility.

Abraham Boulder

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