Disruptors made to work

Disruptors made to work
Profound Hegelian philosophic imbecility, Doestoevsky “brains-on” leading to harm and human destruction. Perhaps, Solzhenitzen’s philosophical stupor and Soviet stupidity.

Nieztche’s freedom, so you go ahead and kill yourself and everyone around you. Neuroscientist graduate in Kidsworld, making Nietzche’s “slave” kids disrupt Western work, for Eastern extremist positions. Grotesque penmanship associated with real outcomes engineered for authors, death cult of Kafka-esque extremists.

X-Men post-apocalyptic damage report in your living room, kitchen, and home office.

Heidi coming on before the end of the Superbowl. (I thought I’d leave with some “healing humor!”). Michaelangelo’s Divine love touching the finger of humanity for Courage, Brains-not-to-destroy-with, Love, Memory of Dearly departed, Boldness-to-move-forward past the Crux we’re in of the 2nd Iceberg of potential global calamities!

The greatness of Heidi! to stop you to think, ” Do we destroy it all?”

[The disruptors cause Camus’ Fall. The autistic or retarded or schizophrenic Black Jew–maybe; known heuristcally, starts Camus’ Plague in Tacoma.  He lived above me, I believe, moved out.]. And the clergyman–is having attorneys murder, his forte??!  Attorney above unit calls clergyman to announce, Abraham “prophet/profit” [that Jung says is sane personality of introvert intuitive]. Clergyman, Rabbi “wants him iced” said heuristically in experience. I believe heard by attorney.  Heuristically, Rabbi bit if Hegelian fanatic killing people of religious faith.

—-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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