When it’s goes too far.

When it’s goes too far.

So the game on–Totalitarianism. The population is counseled by government agencies, i.e., VA, “that all is delusion ‘here’–a.k.a., incorporeal.”

At the same time, the government works overtime to flood the incorporeal realm of collective unconscious with all kinds of threats and warning to constituents that they no longer have a constitution.

Then, declared by a party “who represents [American] society during War or Strife” [paraphrased from John Locke]; so says the Party, “the game must stop,” that the, “government is limited in Power, And the power of the Governed, the Party represents invokes the U.S. Constitution’s Power and all states constitutional Powers [invoked], declare a receding requirement that governments better serve according to constitutional expediency of Limits on government and Power of the Governed for balance–so conclude that, “if it Be, that conforming to our living Constitution document leaves us ‘overstuffed and barren,’ that henceforce operate by command assertions by constituents, or so-stated henceforth, Party, the business of evolving the said Living document in Ideas that befit our Globalized society from the document that originated in ‘Isolation’–it Being, the United States Constitution.

U.S. Constituent Representative, Party of the Governed Constituents.

Abraham Boulder

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