Musical composition and Medical teams

Musical composition and Medical teams

Anti-autism health and Sanity in the clutch psychology [psychiatry, of private assertions providing a biochemical defense via plasticity??] The clutch is, Natural stressors that comes from learning and purveyoring the field, that are recognized subconsciously, with the help of conscious endeavor, get personal feelings on the matter of purveyouring expressed, and musically noted by skills developed, from their beginning.

My feelings taken separately or in different combinations serve as impetus for musical composition.

Autism spectrum intuitively is a bumbling, juxtaposition with remarkable achievement (literally defined). Schiz. has a dis-joining and a dis-jointing feature. The work needs to have enough timing and harmony, to prove interesting, and perhaps, astonishing; at what usually is a “self-esteem devastation” of social worker status taboo; coupled with psychiatric marrying of methylamphetamines with cocaine against the recipient of a “social” service by the doctor user.

And revelation of beauty usually lathered with black toxic resin of Camus “The Fall” and “The Plague” slop, thrown onto the form of a beautiful person–or, taken separately–a singular beautiful idea; imagined figure; a lovely archetype of a private person, whom upon greeting the world of “social” services with a doctor’s appointment, is singed and incinerated with diagnosis.

Can we do better. Can we be less poetically dark, and find recovery for professionals in-the-dark via therapeutic millieu with a sense of urgency and responsibility that the patient has a “level of significance beyond payroll” without losing efficiency that motivates us economically to go into medicine–that is, to prosper.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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