Science and the mystical in universal physics.

Jungian Visual representative of the collectively, group–encounters of person, esp., by those who’ve come to love him or her, including described individual whom (loving himself, or herself, for health) experiences intuitively that the physics energy and matter motion taken to execute entrances, presentations, and exits on Earth, of his or her unique individuality has also a dynamic visual footprint of phenomena in the, universal dimension of energy for motion of matter.

Do you matter? Of course, healthy self-esteem wonderfully tells us, “we all matter.” Technically, deep down you matter in the scope of the Universe in relation to others, also in motion or in dynamics, both existing at specific locuses in the universal dimension.

When you seek to identify for that instant that they do exist. In other words, usually all is in motion, and that all matter matters to each other, respectively via energy, thus motion, and gravity waves.

The universal Jungian Visual dynamic phenomenon is part of the physical existence of the human body alive, and is also “physical.” It appears as a sketch subliminally.

But in the universal dimension, the physical form butts up with mystical interpretations that help us to understand, better, physics by determining what explanation, or derivative of an explanation, is scientific, experimentally verifiable.

What remains after this new science, can be studied by mystics and those versed in meditation to aid in the belief system that, forward movement means evolving ideas and human biological systems in concert with the nature of correct thinking (or, does this or that serve to expedite the survival of the human species, without being morally grievous), and manipulation of genes to enhance the immune function, does not involve, evolving biological brains clinically, other than the “speeding up” of acclimation to adverse weather conditions on the planet.

Lastly AI serves as Tool AI. Any AI Command over homo sapiens is Viral AI, responded to by Firewall AI, anti-Virus AI; so that Tool AI functions for human recipients only.

Abraham Boulder
–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.
June 9, 2016.

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