Co-conspirators against my freedom
Weg, Sr.; Weg, Jr.; Devinsky, P.Bertrum; Harvey Marshall,his older son, heavy upstairs and man in the condo apts. are owned by him or the state and he allegedly fathered many children in condo. Allegedly wants my fiance in his harem; Shaw allegedly libelous and slanderous in handling confidentiality of veterans, allegedly goes around the homes of veterans, talking them “down” while allegedly leaving a trail of dead babies, allegedly his m.o. is unlocked front doors.

Guy upstairs allegedly seems to have multiple homicides. Yiddish Jew seem to serves as attorneys. Legal findings may be scientifically invalid and reasoning poor. Tacoma rabbi may be in this. Don’t know if he’s in it for goodness, or as Hegel “spirit-State” Nazi like Wegs.

NSA head may be in “it.” Reductionist “always” from complete consciousness. I use heuristics in a valid manner for “gut feelings.” Kahneman only described the way intuitive got invalid results in his book. My stories are just that and said to protect me against out-of-control State thinking it has limitless power that is by legal fact limited in Power by the legal constitution documents of the fifty states and the central State.

Incinerators in King County allegedly used for end-of-line human trafficking, or genocide.

Homeland Security allegedly may be looking the other way on this, and profit-taking by all the above may occur.

It is for this reason that Homeland Security allegedly may be mixed up in this that I feel I must put this on the web.
Abraham Boulder.

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