The radioactive prod: what can it mean–to die for!

New Jersey sends it’s regards!–and that’s not all–it sends metric tons of radioactive waste and 2nd and 3rd generation (greater molarity?!) hazardous waste your way so you can enjoy these wastes right in your community.

Destroying drinking water and compromising food supply is the name of the game.  All because of NIMBY’s, or Not in My Back Yard initiatives by local governments that kept scientifically handled hazardous waste sites out of the community, and now radioactive waste out of Yucca mountain, to the extent that, now All communities All over are susceptible to this dangerous material to be dumped off-site instead of at hazardous and radioactive reclamation centers.

A Yale professor said our community drinking water is safe, but for how long?And our food supply may have no unacceptable levels of pesticides, but do they check for these NIMBY-causing dump sites that maybe, just maybe are on fields of golden grain!

Abraham Boulder.

Can you get a grip on what you’re ignoring?

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