What of creation? And what of spirit? Essentially: what of it?!

What of the Essentials starting at the quantum level.

What is before the particle? Comes the light, white spark of existence, no matter creating matter. And in matters’ randomness, an impetus, a seed, an idea quantum of configured particles and energy–the catalyst to reach what was the heavens, which really was a check on what emerged to be consistent with what can be, but was not, and what worked via Natural Selection.

Spirit of God in essence titillating particles of matter as they jumbled randomly, with energy and particle configuration of a discrete “cube-it” of idea quantum represented as enzyme matter “that spoke” of–not of a way out–but, a way in– to impregnate with some configured matter that an approach is doable, and that, in the end, it works –and through Natural Selection: “works out” or “falls flat!”

A vitale dictum from physics evolving to chemistry evolving to biology to idea quanta. And the dictum, the solo idea quantum at first, comprehended by the human species at last, “learn to live, relearn to live, death, enlightenment, rebirth.” And the cycling of living existence.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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