Let’s address our global issue.

Species-generated economics for survival.  IQ  meets EQ meets SQ (value) meets WQ (wisdom quotient determining when, how, what to use, produced by the other quotients in the most wise intelligence (wisdom literature dominant over all forms of intelligence in the present historical context.)

As I sit on my sofa in my living room, and feel the rot of my teeth by radioactive rock design, I wonder if America could have done better in underground movements that aided workers in coming to grips on what really goes on, including beficient occurrences that aid himself or herself, in some cases, and helps others evaluate the degree of the threat to life, to living; and whether we, the general public, need to make formal efforts to save the species, while the politicians trip over themselves.

I’m for someone in complex science telling me what has to be done, but it seems to me some intermediary between simple and complex science needs to act as an interface to give some detail of what we’re facing or exact actions executed to perform critical functions performed so we’re on Earth1st synchronicity, and all man-hours and woman-hours of work are synchronized to Earth1st as it goes through its changes, and we intercept Earth and at some point, keep it synchronized with livable exoplanets.

I don’t think voluntary lifestyle changes, in the long run, are effective enough, and series of periodic mandates are to coerce responsibility in actions with regards to the Earth.

The Boulder Plan for a hydrogen revolution, fusion power revolution (taking care to protect the environment from fusion power-generation), and Canadian Research and Development of mini power units that could be ideal for homes placed more in the earth, and taking advantage more of nature to harness energy naturally in a conservation remodeling of the home. Marshall Plan II for G200 using Fort Knox assets to infuse reformed liberal economics at historical business cycle needing species-generated economy for its survival.

Next recession, when Keynesian funds become available, building energy conserving homes would put us right on target with Earth-hours of Earth1st, Me2.

The intermediary for the public from complex science needs to limit complexity and assure the scientist that details of the Boulder Plan is engaged, jobs and more jobs become available and determine what type of technical degree or education, and training would be necessary to be employed on this species-saving venture.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven

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