Directed to bad actions.

One could think the spy world acts badly, but when it represents typical failure to meet human needs on this planet, it is a Conrad novella.😝

Once again, death upon my door, fill up acting stereotypically as a madmen, directed by the same, purging Sanity out of human organisms by murder.😥

By doing, the fill, or the dump that is the fill, of radioactive and hazardous waste implores you to, read on, and see for yourself what Joseph Conrad could not do.  But in so doing, the reader, curious perhaps, watches my death, but their own becomes more certain–more guaranteed.

For, in the time I die, men are infuriated to work hastily on radioactive and hazardous waste dump into our streams and rivers, and onto or near corporate farmland–huge tracts!

I say, stop my death, and query why I’m used as an example, a symbol of certain death, when by the time you have read this, another nail has been hammered into your coffin.  The threat no longer is at the extremities.  The threat is brought to the dinner’s table.  Query on parts per trillionth of 2nd and 3rd generation toxins, and any significant levels of radiation, they can make human nature, apathetic, overwhelmed by complex science, propping up the human mind as brilliant when neurochemistry is beginning to absorb these industrial toxins and radiation poisoning.

Not caring is a luxury, and remedial action, both for me and North America, may seem a bit abnormal, but Wm. James, pragmatic as he was, could see the Jesus in it, no matter how strange, and I dare say Father Lord’s wisdom accompanies Son, Lord Jesus’, by my existence!  I speak of good Almighty God; George Washington would do the same!

What attorney firm, with three floors of attorney’s dreamed up this Devil’s packet, full of Satanism of the Global Consortium to deep six us all by royal casino halls and gentlemen’s enclosed outbacks.

When will we recognize that the judgment using our cognitive faculties and emotional intelligence comprise largely of toxic elements, nanocompounds, radioactive adsorption, forces to say, “naught” to future endeavor, and gamble away the lives of all decent characters, as to the, “when?” “how?” “why?,” of murder, serial murder, genocide and very, very productive mobile death squads.

 What contracts have they devised to promote Totalitarianism social science and gambling??!😏

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.


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