“The horror, the horror,” said Conrad.

Truly, the horror is: an imbecile for love, not those special because are of their limited growth of truly loving brains.

But the psyche propinquity leadership of a reckless moron, more dump, than fill, bent on our destruction hindsight retreat. Complete failure. Opoid addiction, for one. Brave New World of Hegelian philosophic imbecility, that “all is free,” says Nieztche, [assumption] “all is disjointed and quite amusing” of Kafka-eaque imagery, “The Fall, The Plague” The Toying of Post-Camus, the total disregard of personal and group responsibility because, “heck, the place has to be redone anyway. Keep me in my post–I’ll manage the work of Post-Doesteyovsky!???”

–Keven Young. historically accurate (while evolved, at times, corrected).

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