Look alive!

Clean Water Act canceled in the courtroom.

Toxins’ agency, the virus, directs itself to gene expression long before the body, the brain reaches morbundity.

Major illness results for matched virus and gene, above and below the neckline.

Cost of major medical to escalate markedly beyond reasoned cost effectiveness.

The level of major illness at the source, the virus changing gene expression, occurs more often in moments, because our immune system is hampered by these contaminants in water, and because of Not-in-my-backyard voter directives (abuse of power of governed) that keep waste treatment sites out of the market for disposable and reclamation. Leaving dumping habits to wide open spaces, which means these days large tracts of corporate land (for agricultural profit), again because of NIMBY’s, such that contaminants can have strong possibility of arriving in the food chain.


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