Fundamental ethical considerations

I don’t mean to interrupt your tranquility, especially if this summer is, blessedly occurring. But there may be a group action that trends now, beyond mere conversation.  And I find it troubling.  Consider:

What may have been the all time favorite–killing Jew–at least in conversation, has gone Jew-that-murders, Jew-that-has-suicidal religious tendencies–not to fight effectively back to stop the perpertrator (the murdering “Jew”-identifier) whom possibly and legally can be thwarted, you must do so legally, without excessive or fatal blow.

Now the conversation ultimately is: group (e.g., race) turning on itself, such that murderers-in-the-group purge their “race” of the Enlightened, “mature,” whom have suicidal tendencies of philosophical bent.

It’s sort of, “I am, or have received my MBA–so good-bye y’all! I have arrived.” (Disturbingly, it seems to be a trend, not just in that, aggressive, degree.)

It’s extreme, but effective. For some reason, it’s a method of “getting along.”

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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