Seriously, on Earth! 

Look to your historical-soul.  That which acknowledges “a beyond” of known science, provides serenity and opportunity for new, original divergent answers to pressing concerns!

Annihilation of physical body or brain’s psyche does not enlighten, but provides a cruel form of entertainment and abuse.

Transcending: cruel abuse is admonished.

Enlightened, secret or non-secret entities choose to harbor hate and genocide against those transcending morbid existential states of world consciousness, and those benefitting from the effect of transcendental consciousness and behavioral cause.

Transcendental is enlightenment when it is understood: (1) transcending doesn’t mean “too much transcending”, (2) it is the bio-genetic-historio demand and requirement to move forward by the diversity of the homo sapiens species. It’s universal physics of forward motion not to be slowed down, halted, or cause regression by weighty mis-appropriated gravity to our day-to-day concerns on earth.

Our species was not meant for diversity-of-species genocide. Genocide is unacceptable in behavioral science, or any attempts at simplicity or foolhardiness.

Abraham Boulder

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