A political state cannot be greater than individual citizens and groups of that state or individual-and-groups citizens living elsewhere.

Individuals and groups become great from ideas that show respect for human-life, legal entity status, and equality, by law and in society. Emphasis remains goodness to greatness in care for own me, family, others in society, care for global associates in sharing care for self, Self, Earth 1st, self 2nd. Caring for Self by Earth planet handled correctly as part of livable exoplanets in the Universe.

Greatness is measured from neutral equal to zero; good: 0 to +0.3333; very good: +0.3334->(+0.6666); great: +0.6667->(+1.0)

Terribleness is very bad: -0.8->(-0.8999), and plain terrible, or horrible:
-0.9->(-0.9999); a value of (-1.0) equals nuclear winter, with nuclear devices, or nuclear or fusion plants losing applied science and applied technology discipline for operation or storing of nuclear and hazardous waste.

Bad: 0-> (-0.3333);
Very bad: (-0..3334) -> (-0.7999)

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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