Neuroimmunoaffectivepsychology of the Faithful in Congregational Republic of the United States of America

We uphold these truths.

We rebuke government severely for its abuses. We limit government, severely when necessary, and demand it cut out the lame and excesses of government, not eliminated since the era of Vice President Cheney and the Karl Rove Doctrine “elimination,” that is, the mass murder of the American populations.

We, the Congregationalists of the Republic, the strength and resolve of the Power of the governed, pray in earnest for Elohim, the Almighty God of George Washington, of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, the Creator, God of Sanity: thus Love, of Maimonides, of the 12th Century, whose “incorporeality” of God, now of spirit involving agency aids us in understanding “incorporeality,” that is meant for “the physical of aerie flight,” involving quantum subparticles and nano structures of matter, the physical; in dance with spirit, and the Creator, God of Sanity; Creator of both physical matter and of spirit; infuse the Power of the governed, to dissolve irresponsible government to uphold it’s responsibilities to a non-royal Republic who serves the entire public in representative government for a robust Democracy.

That the spirit of God is the Only One God’s spirit of agency to be prayed for as Elohim, El Shaddai, such that Christians do not renege on His fatherly Nature in the Old Testament, a Sage, not just a New Beginning, of the Christian Named Sacred Spirit, connecting God, the Father, with the Christian, God the Son, in Jesus’ Name.

We, the Faithful, of the Republic Congregation, pray for the Only One God’s agency to rebuke government for its abuses, and it’s abuse of Church with State, a church of Satan, such that homosexuality was married to Satanism for murder, mass murder (serial murder), genocide, and suicide (“Jonestown”), to purge the populations of the decent and those upholding moral fabric of society, for an effort at annihilating the populations of Earth, to replace with robotics, and control said human populations of Earth, with silicon mastery for oppression and human slavery–a Viral AI needing Anti-Viral AI and Firewall AI to restrain and restrict AI to Functional AI such that Command AI functions are limited to and obeyance of human superiority in command–to serve humankind–to never rule over humankind eternally!!

That Jesus’ Nature through Sacred Spirit is One with the Nature of God, the Father, who art in Heaven –must not be forgotten to stem the tide of the misbegotten by worshiping Jesus, the God, amongst, amidst, embroiled with 10,000 destructive alien gods from a different part of planet Earth–to always be identified and placed from the subcontinent of Asia and whatever area of the Universe they uphold; never to interfere with Creator, God of Sanity:thus Love and his Command via creation and creation’s energies of physical matter and spiritual identities.

Abraham Boulder, prophet to the Universal Ceiling of Sanity of biological Hosts (of million-year global exoplanets’ civilizations and societies bound at the calf to us, feet firmly on the ground of exoplanets) to Earth’s human population entering universal reality of spirit and matter in quantum phenomena, within our aerie substrate of consciousness, through the “false” solidity of this planet and planets, and other exoplanets, and the vast fleeting flights of divergent ideas escaping to quantum velocities that make and accept ideas of multiple solutions, spirited away to the infinite reaches of the Universe and beyond.

No weighty notion of grave gravity on earth shall stop the flight of quantum matter ideas and their dance with spirit in creation’s energies in order to exclude human extinction, and it’s destruction of the diversity, necessary, for the survival of homo sapiens, and the bio-diversity of other species necessary for human survival.

We, the experiential, uphold this Vision of 21st Century reality to better maintain the principles and evolving Laws of good government and the handling of the populations on this Globe, through human species evolution and cooperation, integration, collaboration, and the prideful stance of difference, thus diversity.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

Abraham Boulder

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