Normal focusing on Something for progressive memes leading to an evolutionary station.

To the disenfranchised and disillusioned:

Something, for physical matter–a Creator, Same Something for living matter. A concept, possibly a Dynamic in unifying principle. By praying to the Only One Thing–Creator, you, thereby create a human singularity to motivate the uninterested.

The prayer starts focus to do what, if you had an opportunity, you would neglect.

You unite energy in your physical frame by prayer, a singular focus of matter and consciousness, involving nutrition for healthy constitution, and a disposition to avoid unhealthy black humor–full of burnout and unhealthy cynicism–and an abnormal proclivity to murder!

That means you may become a target like anyone else of the sardonic, sarcastic and ill-will disposed.

You avoid being present in a place ill-suited for toleration and pleasantries, and a law of behavioral science becomes self-evident or apparent that you don’t express animosities and mutual or shared feelings of hatred and bitterness because: (1) it leads to illness and (2) a philosophy of homicide, mass killings or serial killings, genocide, suicide, or “Jonestown” group suicides, or planetary extermination.

Creator provides an animating principle in Its Dynamics that creativity, innovation, and ideas with the purpose of charity by economically incentives for gross profit bonus and additional net proceeds (than a nascent market’s price would provide) for civilization- and global-society building. These worthwhile concepts of creativity exist in another universal dimension outside the graveness and gravity of living a 4-dimensional existence on planet Earth.

It is through innovation and creativity that we find the vehicle or meme “front-wheel” drive to an evolving station of socio-bio-ethical genetic progress of the human species, homo sapiens.

Abraham Boulder

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