From Luther, the Light of Consciousness evolving meme to compensate for Existential blindfoldedness of Atomism and Nominalism

Light of Universal consciousness to see parts of dark-matter-serving-constructively for the cycle of living matter in solar system cycles.

Existential blindfoldedness, from atomism-to-negative-infinity of size, to Matrix brilliance of Light of consciousness–exuberant, and exulting, “magnificence” in Its natural property of enlightening us by shedding light on the subject of dark matter, and keeping Light of consciousness on the Subject to determine a constructive ballast that dark matter possesses for balancing Apparent Matter in Visible Anatomical light, and maintain Constructive Energy Appointments in affective memes steming from the limbic system to effective manifestations of the physical Universe; namely the Cycle of Living Matter in solar system cycles.  A universal unity for the Tao’s duality, the Light of Consciousness meme has the energy of impetus and drive for the survival of a varied homo sapiens, for better, or worse, for good or bad, for greatness, and times of misfortune (even when the leadership aquires exorbitant wealth).

Light of consciousness, dimension of the Universe, source of animating principle that causes affective energy to be spirited-effect on matter beyond, mere matter collisions at average speeds, towards an expression of attraction and repulsion velocities that the number-of- humans-observing subparticles-and- some-nano-structure-matter via the humans’ conscious states, determine, results, of observing mutually exclusive pairing of similitudes and disimilartudes.

Followed by a sleeping unconscious, biorhythmed to exult celebrated, expanded creativity in the Universal unconscious, of the Universal conscious dimension, as a different dimensional layer of the Universe–different from the 4-dimensional, Earth, weighty gravity, and graveness of business and play.

Sensible reinvigoration with a fresh, intuited unconscious in the 4-dimensional, Earth, local environs; and alert consciousness in the morning, from sleep and Universal unconscious integration, or synchronicity, with Earth, local environs, unconsciousness that intuits a signal “of health” to consciousness at start of day!

“Dead” experience is either an aged brain, lacking learning or relearning experience; or, it’s a brain consciousness in unconsciousness-of-the-Universal dimension of consciousness, awaiting illumination to learn further the constructive aspects of dark matter that buttress the apparent visible Universe, like a grand, magnificent cathedral architecture with the grand, magnificent affective memes of the period of human civilization, effecting motivation, and yielding constructive results (instead of group or planetary suicide), for socbio-gentic survival of homo sapiens, by further assurance of survival by variety, in human species. (Even if co-existence is separated by race families.)

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

P.S. Blindfoldedness is all of unity converging in a pinhole with Hawking’s eyeball searching the universe for, maybe, 100 million acceptable exoplanets; needing to be handled with Wisdom Intelligence (WQ) to handle correctly IQ, EQ, spiritual intelligence SQ (values and meaning). –Keven.

P.S.S. I feel I was placed in the pinhole and buried alive with prayers for an untimely death.  I have been slandered to no end.  In the time remaining in my life, I wish a moratorium if the evolved species of socialist communist and socialist fascist will come to terms with my finiteness. –Keven.

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