Two sides or perspectives toward getting “the job done.”

The Great Course©, “Why Evil Exists”

Talking on Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln, the professor then says, “that Americans are one people, for good and ill. United in our aspirations and our crimes. Further, if we can find ways of overcoming the mythology of dualism, we may find ourselves better able to live into the future.”

Abraham Boulder responds:

“It’s not that the duality doesn’t exist, but that the whimpering on Satan’s providence of pain and harm, does not satisfy that the job Is done–the need is for its completion is still there After the harm, after the pain. Greatness, though, is borne out of harmful and painful melee, and is necessary to do what it can to avoid evil acts occuring that are egregious or great atrocities.

“Greatness is Not a guarantee of limitation on evil, but a requirement of interaction with evil to attempt a less harmful or unharmful solution. Further, not characterizing yourself as “victim” and providing for self-promotion can leave you receptive to profitable opportunities seized by you as a kind of synchronicity beyond doomsday advocates’ prophesies and heresies.”

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