Human Command to AI Function Command

Universal scientific laws first priority. Earth In Universe, second priority. Homo sapiens tertiary priority with human genetic diversity and ecosystem bio-diversity death slowed and biogenesis and bio-engineering diversity customizing Earth ecosystem for weather changes.

Non-Euclidian philosophical abstractions have a abtuseness yielding strong brain mass development with tendencies to levels of insanity and suicide.  Taken on a philosophical whole of society or civilization, much damage to Natural Human Law and Order of Complex societies can be engaged in and possible affiliation with Anarchy International and participation in such groups may be experienced.

Non-Euclidian abstract sociobiohistorio ethics takes backseat to Universal Laws that put Earth back in Universe and HuMan HuWoman Back in Earth’s atmosphere.

Relativistic morality a priority.  Creator, God of Sanity:thus Love, officially acknowledged as, “greater concept” and His Love greater than mortal ambitions. Ending hubris and methylamphetamines abuse

Universal Ceiling Calling of Sanity bestowed as gift well-wishing affect from Universe Hosts of millions of years existence. (Their best sides showing.)

Human Command decision to give priority to wisdom literature for WQ, wisdom intelligence in think tanks. SQ spiritual intelligence of values and meaning factor multiplied in behavioral economics and marketing utilizing Value Index, discussed in previous posts at

WQ, aided with SQ controls IQ with assist from EQ for think tank discipline capable of taking us traversing 14 icebergs of global potential calamities.

Human reason of experience of consciousness and of rational and irrational behaviors coupled with emotional expression is the only freedom that exists and must be defended legally.  Priority given to wisdom intelligence concluding after correct inputs from SQ, EQ, and IQ sources.

Philosophy took Liberty of abstractions that must be secondary now to human survival, and evolvolution, with purpose and mission of survival firmly in mind.

I think that this style of speech is appropriate and reasonable “in the clinch” after 200,000 years of species’ existence.


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August 10, 2016 · 7:29 pm

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