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I like songs of Praiseworth with Divine Love. Great philosopher Hegel was apologetic and complicit to a fault and his State spirit, used God for currency as mustard-gas Spirit in the WWI trenches, WWII death camps, and today Assad in Syria. Dictator’s State-spirit–most probably, the Great God of Muslims reinterpreted for horror, recalculated for terror.

So, God, Creator, if you permit me to use concept of Love shared with God and the Impetus of Him and believers–gets used by superman-Man–reins in God to genocide the faithful of His Glory; thus, Man; spirited of Earthly Communal Man Consciousness, Not of Universal betrothal to Host of Wise Sanity, and God, the Creator; Instead to Man-god Unison, from which Man-god, in Hubris, Can Only navigate to the nearest iceberg (or maybe we slipped by one iceberg–nuclear incineration and particulate darkness) and with complete?? Control of his senses in Total Hubris, in the universal dimension, steamships MotherEarthship smack into Mars as dutiful requisite of his, and her, greatness!

[emphasis of planets capitalized, Only One God, man and woman lower cased, Nietzche incorrectly spelled]


They practice great philosopher Hegelian idiocy and great philosopher Nietzche absolute-freedom in tandem for so long, that they think themselves buoyant geniuses that cannot be stopped.  It is mortal man and woman’s death squad tendencies to the worthwhile and decent.  It is the resilience and resolve and steadfast Love man, woman keeps with healthy self-worth that corrects the mistreatment of our species upon ourselves, other species, and in conformity with Earth recalibrated by him and her in Universal quantum ideas, space, and time for continued existence in Universal Essence of Light of Consciousness–and, fundamentally, solving our problems divergently (with a myriad of answers), in the Constructive Dark of the cycle of Living Matter.

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