Robocop©: from library, college-level stuff!

Decision to become human cyborg may be decided by officer and commander.

Decision, “go!” may enslave officer to equipment; consciousness may actually be ripped from the person by the silicon machine.

Human vegetable, full-mobility at worst. Suicide mission.

Until discussed in-school and in sociobiotechnohistorio ethic journals and society-at-large, we will be enslaving ourselves and having our conscious space robbed from us without adequate arguments made and followed-to-conclusion, and their outcomes analyzed for clear perspectives of where each position leaves us, if we proceed: pro, con, or Other.


P.S. I admit being a live video computer game with live ammo is great temptation; but, vegetable conscious state is likely and permanent, unless safeguards to assume human-judgment over-ride for “on”, “off,” engagement and strategy, to follow orders and individual assessment of how the intimate, smart equipment is behaving.

P.S.S. Something about Robocop works, I think , . . . If we can control the Machine, instead of it being “a runaway train.”

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