Fiction at its best: the ultimate challenge! Or, HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD!

Take a look at Marshall Plan II for good paying jobs in America! Press WordPress.

The Realism and Hope Foundation

Try this ongoing fiction development piece!

The 1% influence the government in the myriad of ways, to get thbeir needs met: the murder of 8 billion people.

First, enslaved.

Before that, a genius from Moscow University or St. Petersburg University, preys upon a land, a place with the potential where democracy can be strong and the republic’s U.S. Constitution can protect constituents for ” life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

This American soil is free of most-thought-of ghettoes-as a place where education and, Or opportunity can provide you with better conditions to support greater happiness, and opportunity–in concrete terms, for better medical coverage, for summer camp opportunities, for family trips, and reading at the library, or on an ereader that the library can provide books for.

Imagining whole symphonic undertaking by entrepreneurship or teams, and the genius to solve our problems of CEO’s overcompensation leading to a requirement, a…

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