Beach property eaten by oceans rising: what to do?

The pizza pie adds additional slices, Or quite frankly, another pie.

In this game, of getting good paying jobs, Japon in “Disney World” because they are islands nation–Disney World because it’s America, and it’s cities in tact with commerce through its veins and arteries–the heartthrob of American business can add communities–simple approach: different islands tending to mingle, co-existence–racial tension is not just some negative emotion, but adhesive for familial planning, and childrearing and positive reinforcement and reaffirmation of identity within American populous in different targeted cities, adding to the regional microeconomies county-wide, and inter-state (fifty, plus District of Columbia) laws handle by corporate law firms out of cities. Laws and legislation that cooperate with business entities, but needs the crucial foresight of urban planning from great, global educational centers, such as M.I.T, which always “keeps learning” and Feng Shui building code learning can be extended to a full comprehensive knowledge of Japon island requirements.


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