Battle! hymn of the Republic! Do it!

“Stand down! Stand down!”

“Move on! Move on!”

“Brilliant Blunder” book has been published, and can be bought!”

Rest your bones, not yet!–so soon. We are going around the bend: better pace ourselves in the sharp curve, and quicken the pace, to overcome the exoplanet in the Universe! in the course of a couple of centuries.

Let’s exercise for the Earth! not just our stay on it. Let’s meet our obligations, get with it. Let’s just do it. Do it, do it!

Onwards! With Applied Business Neuropsychology! Enough mind crap minding religious archetypes, enough with infinite loser mentality profiles.

You set a goal to turnaround a bankrupted business into a profit making new enterprise–new idea–new way!! And you do it by ongoing brain function in behavioral psychology. It’s getting physical, getting real, and it’s not like you don’t have a head on your shoulders –you got brains. See if you can get people to relax, so they’re not spilling brains out all over the place!

Mindful on Using your brains. Not falling for loser mentality. Avoiding societal stop-traps to halt necessary cognitive faculties implementing on-site, in your home or local office space, what entails mission direction, instead of human betrayals of the general rule of business: failure 8/9ths of the time, and revenue stream of economic incentives from a trillion dollar gov’t budget that puts it’s monetary incentives in nascent industries that gain cooperation from gov’t instead undue red tape, nourishing to adolescent growing pains and not penalized by over taxation during adult growth (economic stimulus off).

Lighten up! Breathe in! Now, get the job done. Do it!

Cancel that appointment. Follow task management, pacing a parallel schedule of “The Important” with a schedule of “put out the fire” jobs. Many jobs, many hats! Long-range forecasts of the 5-year, and 10-year forecasts have to reflect the distinguished authors you read. They made sense. You now make it real! Forget convergent, “if not this, then that!”. Juggle! Get some mixed nuts of different shapes and sizes juggle ideas! Ideas!

Ideas! to solve this And that. Flex priority with altering placement of projects on different parts of a matrix stove, entailing front burners, back burners, side burners. Add a stove! Capital investment should now be sustainable integrity marketable products. Switch to financial prospect of large revenue from markets Created and by lobbying government to employ Value Indices to assess and make a value multiplier that adds to Created Value markets’ price by private industry with economic incentives added to business revenue acquisition equations involving multiplying market price with index value and adding the product to the profit margin in Earth Constructive Industries and diminished profit margin (less market price) for destructive earth industries.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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