Effective Behavior in Actual Trust and Confidence (a stewardship of Integrity)

In the quantum age where animated energies (spirited) yield material, actual results: libel and slander yield bribes, extortion, blackmail, larceny, embezzlement, swindling.

There is an area of planet Earth who are swindled themselves from the Creator, God of Sanity–singularity of spirit resulting in sane approach, eliciting intelligence for business, scientific research, and co-existence of races–but, instead compromised within government–not upholding a level of honesty and transparency in the government–sacrificed with bribes of other government officials in other “White” economies of Globalized nations in different sectors of This exoplanet, Earth.

The affective mystical animation dancing for effect with material reality encompasses backside motion, somewhat vertical, that gives a delusion of demon quality emotions that elicit the above mentioned crimes by raising aspirations of demonology (mystical) to the level of thousands of perceived deities’ animations imagined (idea quanta in material quantum physics) with human quality, speech, and visual graphics, that uphold the swindle, blackmail, extortion, bribery, embezzlement, slander, and libel activities in government, business concerns, and against consumer protection (in Earthly-physics-interaction).

What is perceived is archetypal information from a dance of spirited animated affective image of the derriere inhabiting Universal dimension, such that affective animation effects material idea quanta (or concrete, rational, brass tacks ideas, quantum-universally) and effect physical behavior within Earth gravity and graveness (physics) compromising or sactificing national, business and personal security of information, and, possibly, persons themselves

Besides the severity of the behavioral science animated affectively in the derriere to mystical animation, prayer itself complements their solo and shared behaviors to augment an affective effective ethics of major crimes in white collar jobs in business, government and personal life.

I think this is made more the extreme when PCB and other world leaders are seen in World Conscious animation as a destructive or as one of destructive deities bent on the destruction of civilizations and global societies, and separate world societies.

I think secularly, we are supposed to use sane health to approach co-existence constructively, and manage affairs in a social contract that transcends the routine “diabolical human nature” described by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Not much as a heavenly, angelic approach in bottom-line dealings, but a consistent saneness of constructive wide financial horizons, that government gives us confidence in, that we will meet our obligations for the 200-300 year marker of reestablishing equilibrium on Earth and take us 500 years of Science II of bio-engineering, bio-development, and ecosystems stewardship, to counter the Science I exploitation of raw resources in an unsustainable manner.

Inwards, then, to good jobs for Americas, the good jobs in global trade, G200, Fort Knox infusion of reformed capitalism and evolved constitutional government in an now Globalized Republic if the United States of America, and better stewardship by all in the “White” global trade.

The Hegelian problem

A great philosopher embroiled in his own histrionics involving apologetic and passivity to homicidal and suicidal genocidal activism, and the destruction of civilizations and world societies and global liberal economics.

It was termed “a idiocy” by Karl Popper from Vienna, realizing socialism applied was active criminal organizations and that Vienna-born Hayek was a “ancient Greek 300” in Britain whom argued with extreme polticaleconomic points of view, and more importantly, with Keynes whose liberal economics leaned left and was well received.

Straussian poisoned streudal.

Lies to capitalized on capitalistic death squads in futures ventured, in what can be in royal mutual funds, profiteering for highly productive disassembly of the world populations.  Marry that $2 trillion profit for world leaders’ authorship of final goodbyes, and Pope and retired ex-pope’s prayers making $3 trillion in magnificent published copies to redecorate the Vatican to mod, contemporary theme!

“Brilliant Blunder” is a timely book about the greats like Darwin and Einstein who made major errors, only to be corrected, and resulting in “life goes on” reality.

Abraham Boulder.

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