Applied entrepreneurial economics Law of industry turn-around.

Just as productivity needs to be very high, or very, very high productivity, economic incentives for moving industry in Science II, bio-engineering and bio-diversity, and corresponding applied technologies from Part II of 500, more years–gross profits from economic incentives need to extend above market price with a multiplier adding the incentive from a Value Index, estimating a “very high” incentive plus gross profit,” but not “huge” incentive plus gross profit and not “obscene” incentives plus gross profits.

They pursue a course of Straussian lies, Hegelian imbecility, Soviet stupor to destroy liberal economics and democracy, and replace with Anarchy.

Soviet needs to be American Doctrine, such that a new Disability Act will allow workers with disabilities, whom have a genuine need to be plainly productive in a “productive zone” so as to not to interfere with the very high productivity employees and very, very high productivity employees.

These workers supplement a lower wage, minimum wage or higher, for productive work done, with government benefits for the employed workee that meets a minimum annual income.

Not to starve them.

For the record, euthanasia and fiscal policies involving genocide to improve the economy is constitutionally unlawful acts of mass murder.

Abraham Boulder

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